Friday, September 5, 2008

What a week!

It has been awhile since I posted, so I guess it has time. Plus it has been an eventful week. I spent from Sunday night until Tuesday late afternoon hanging out with my dear friend Tanji and Baby Jay. Tanji had back surgery at the end of August and isn't able to pick Baby Jay up. So I got to help her out with him for 2 days. I must admit, I had a blast. Tanji and I were talking and she asked if me taking care of Jay was helping to diminish my hunger for a baby. Nope, it just made it grow even stronger. I am glad for that. I am excited to eventually become a mom, and no I am not making any announcement. Someday, there will be a sweet little one in my life. I look forward to that day. Tanji's husband, Jimmy was home for a bit on Monday evening for dinner and then we all watched a movie, The Eye. It was a creeper movie. After Jimmy left to go back to work, Tanji and I decided to watch a comedy... What Happens in Vegas. I fell asleep, but Tanji made it thru the movie. Not that me sleeping thru a movie is a surprise. Along with the time spent at with Tanji, Jay and Jimmy, dance started again this week. I am very glad to be back teaching again. I am a again teaching Ballet 4, Ballet 5 and Company Ballet. I have amazing dancers again this year. It is again going to be a very fun year. I love watching the dancers progress in ballet and in life. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to share my love of dance with others. My dancers are my kids as well. I love that aspect. I get to watch them grow and see them get married and have little ones of their own. So I am looking forward to this year!


Cheri said...

Looks like Jay kept you busy. Pulling all the toys out! He looks about 18 months? That was sweet of you to help out your friend. I'm sure she appreciated it! How fun that dance has started up again! Aubrie is in jazz/ballet and Emilee is in tumbling. They're both loving it!

Sally Wright said...

Oh my Banana! A couple of things struck me in this post. sleeping during a movie...hmm...YEP that sounds right! Second - You having the opportunity to share your love of dance. You really are incredibly talented and I am so happy that you get to keep it in your life in such an active and positive way. I LOVE YOU!

SusanMom said...

He looks busy! It is fun to just hang out "with the girls" sometimes. Good luck with dance this year. Maybe I'll actually be in town this year to see some of the shows.