Saturday, September 20, 2008


So here it is Saturday Afternoon. So far today I have gone to my sweet little Sabrina's soccer game, where they won! I have done my grocery shopping, cleaned both of the bathrooms in my apartment, gone to the dollar store and to Bed, Bath and Beyond to look for the microbead pillows. They had them, but they were the "U" shaped pillows and that is not the shape I wanted... I was very glad that I got all of this done before the storm hit this afternoon.

I must admit though, I love the rain. I have enjoyed sitting here on my couch watching it rain and listening to the thunder. I love the smell of rain. During and after the rain, everything just smells so fresh and new. It reminds me of the fresh starts we are each blessed with in this life. I am grateful that it is raining. September has been a very dry month and we need to moisture! I would rather it come now in rain, than later on this winter in the form of snow. If we have a winter this year, like last years... I am going to have to buy a new car. My little corolla doesn't handle well at all in the snow. It is so light weight as well. I am amazed that I didn't wreck it last year in a slide off. So let it rain now!


Sarahbina said...

I love rain!

Skinner Family said...

I loved the rain too. It was great when I was canning peaches today. It felt like fall.

Cheri said...

I also love the rain! I sleep the best when it's lightly raining outside. A rainy day feels like a huge comfy quilt wrapped around the town! I love it!