Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tylenol PM, Retail Therapy, and College Memories

So this is a couple of stories/thoughts all in one.... What a week it has been. The number of emotions I have felt in my body is unimaginably large. I didn't realize that I could feel so many emotions at one time. Along with emotions I have been having anxiety/panic attacks. It is a very strange feeling. Mostly it feels like what I think a heart attack would feel like, then on top of it I have not been sleeping much at all because of the anxiety... That is where the tylenol PM comes in handy. For the first time last night I took 2 tylenol PM's before bed, I finally slept incredibly well. Unfortunately I am now a bit groggy, but it was definately worth it. Maybe the tylenol will help the tendonitis in my knees too! That would be a bonus since I am again teaching 3 days a week and taking a jazz class on Monday nights and a ballet class on Wednesday nights. It feels so good to be taking class again. I have missed dancing. It feels amazingly well to be back in the class room again.

Yesterday, My mom and I went shopping. I needed some retail therapy and it was much more fun to go with someone than go alone. I really wanted a new car when I got up yesterday. Actually I should say I have wanted a new car since about February of 2008, but it has been more of a want lately. I love retail therapy. I didn't buy a new car yesterday, the one I want is a bit expensive right now and I need to wait until my mind is a bit more clear to make that type of a purchase. But when I do buy, I want a Subaru Outback Wagon with a sun roof in a color that doesn't show the dirt. So someday that will be what I buy. On the therapy trip we went to Downeast Outfitters where I bought a darling purple shirt, then it was on to Kohl's because they are always having a sale and their clothes are darling. There I bought 2 sweaters, a grass green one and a mauve one, then I bought a tangerine shirt as well. I love them all, I can dress them up with a skirt or a pair of slacks or dress them down with jeans. I love being able to alter the occasion for the outfit. I also took my mom to the Verizon Store as it was past the time for her to upgrade her phone. I love taking her cell phone shopping. Finally it was time to feed our bodies, so it was off to Applebees. This is where the college memories come in. My good friend from college, Kevin, is a manager at Applebees. He recently moved back to SL for work. Kevin is the type of friend that you can go days, months or even years with out seeing him and then you see each other and it is as though you never spent time apart. My mom hadn't seen Kevin since 1997 or 1998. It was fun to see him again. Our waiter came out and I asked him to please send Kevin out, so our waiter goes back and tells him that Table 10 is angry and so he needs to come out and resolve the problem... I thought that was great. So we talked for a bit and ate, he introduces me to his co-workers as his Ex-Girlfriend, and the co-workers laugh about that a bit. Kevin and I did date in college, but then we each chose a completely different path in life. Kevin had to go and do some work but came back sat down and says... "Anna, I guess I shouldn't introduce you as my Ex-Girlfriend, because we never really officially broke up, we just went our separate ways. I went to NYC and you stayed in Cedar City to finish school." I had to laugh because I never really thought of it that way. I had to giggle a bit, because whenever I see Kevin's significant other, I make the comment that Kevin is and will always be my Kevie... Even though we have both moved on. Ahhhh the memories. I love reminiscing about the crazy, good ol' days, when I could survive on only a couple hours of sleep.


Skinner Family said...

I love how you help memories come to my mind too. I have a story for you that shows me how we still alike. I'll have to email you!