Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Wedding, October 7, 2011

Wedding Time

Friday, October 7, 2011 was the most amazing day! The love of my life and I were married. Jared Gibb came into my life in February of 2011 and we have developed the most amazing friendship and relationship. I am so excited to have married my best friends. GOD definitely hand picked and designed the perfect man for me.

All of our children were able to be at the wedding. Jared's parents came up from Colorado and those family members that couldn't be there physically, we made heads on a stick for them.

I am so grateful to have been allowed to be Jared's wife. Before meeting Jared, I had lost hope that there were any single men out there who knew how to be a best friend, a lover and a spouse. Jared showed me otherwise. The wedding was amazing and life just continues to get better and better.

Summer of 2011 Pictures

The End of 2011 is near.

What an amazing and challenging year it has been. I met and married the man of my dreams. I have 3 more amazing daughters. I wouldn't trade this last year for anything. This summer Jared and I had his 3 girls for 9 weeks, MaKayla (9), Celeste (7), and Emma (6). This was definitely and adventure. I went from being single and living alone, to being engaged and have 3 girls living in my extra bedroom. Between Jared, an amazing soon to be sister-in-law and myself, we were able to arrange schedules so that the girls never had to go to a day care. I would go to work at 6:00, Jared would go in at 8:30 and then I would get off by noon to pick the girls up and then come home to finish my work day. It was very challenging, but very rewarding and amazing. Every weekend was an outdoor adventure, hiking new trails up the canyons here. On occasion we even were able to be blessed with Mike and Sabrina, my babies from another mother from my first marriage.

One particular weekend, All of us, Jared, MaKayla, Celeste, Emma, Mike, Sabrina and I headed up to the Granite Quarry to do some hiking and climbing. We had climbed up pretty far, some had seen a baby rattlesnake, but we were all hot, tired and thirsty, so we began to head down the mountain, with Jared leading the way. He was followed by Emma, Celeste, MaKayla, Sabrina, Mike and then me. On the way down a boulder with about a 14 inch diameter came loose and down the mountain it went. I screamed, Mike jumped out of the way and yelled, Sabrina moved, but unfortunately the boulder hit MaKayla in the back, pushing her into Celeste, who was not even a foot in front, and then pushing Celeste into Emma who fell. In the meantime, the boulder rolled around to the side, smashing MaKayla's thumb on the hand she had used to brace herself. We now had 5 freaked out children and 2 freaked out adults who had to spring into action. Emma's lip was bleeding where she had hit it on the rock, she had a scratch on her head, Celeste, Mike and Sabrina where just scared. MaKayla was bleeding from her thumb, as it was shattered and had almost ripped the pad of the thumb completely off. Jared grabs MaKayla's thumb, wrapping it up in his shirt and heads for the car. Here I am trying to get 4 kids down the mountain. Thanks goodness for some other very kind hikers. The gentleman picks Emma up, carrying her down, I grab Sabrina and Celeste's hand to help them down and Mike was the biggest help in trying to keep the girls calm. About 20 feet from the car, on the dirt trail, Celeste trips over a rock and face plants in the dirt, she is now crying hysterically, but not hurt. The kind hikers had an ice pack, so the thumb is now wrapped in a sock, with the ice pack around it. The hikers also gave the kids drinks to share. Now it is off to the closest hospital... Alta View.

We arrive at the ER, the 4 other kids settle in the waiting room, I go back with MaKayla, while Jared gets her checked in. At this point I still haven't seen the thumb, Jared being an EMT knew it was broken. The nurse enters the room and begins to unwrap the thumb, taking one glance at it, she wraps it back up and says the doctor will be in shortly... Must be bad is my first thought. Once Jared is done, I head out to the waiting room to sit with the other kids and Jared stays with MaKayla. About 15 minutes later, I decide to take the kids home to get them something to eat and to get cleaned up.

After X-Rays are taken, it is determined MaKayla will need surgery. Her thumb is broken near the joint and the joint is broken as well. She will need pins to secure the bones and help them heal. She survives the 2 hour surgery and is given prescriptions for an antibiotic and pain. As Jared stops at Walgreen's to fill them, MaKayla is still a bit out of it, but decides she needs to use the restroom. Apparently the anesthesia has made her sick. After throwing up, MaKayla is more awake and feeling much better, as she sits in a chair banging her cast on the arm, saying it doesn't hurt...

We are very grateful that everyone was able to walk away from this little adventure. There were definitely angels there that day watching out for all of us. It could have been so much worse.

MaKayla again has full use of her thumb and it didn't slow her down at all this summer.

The girls went back to their mom's 12 days into August, I began the semester shortly after and Jared continued working as did I. I began teaching ballet again in September and life continues to move forward.