Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life so far....2011

Crazy and amazing times have happened so far this year. What a blessed year it has been. I returned from Europe in January and jumped right back into life. Taking calculus during Spring Semester and actually understanding it for the most part, at least the first several chapters. I decided it was time to start taking dating a bit more serious, or I guess you could say I should consider dating in general. I hadn't dated much since my divorce and had the desire to meet my eternal companion and move forward with life. So I did just that. I joined a dating website and met the most amazing man, Jared Gibb. It did take me quite some time to respond to his messages and his flirts but I finally did, as he would say. Then one night we chatted online and Jared got my phone number. Our first phone conversation was about 5 and a half hours, which if you know me is an absolute miracle as I do not talk on the phone much. Jared was living in Southern California but was coming to Utah to visit his brother, so we decided to meet on Presidents Day. It was the Tuesday or Wednesday before and Jared was entertaining the idea of just moving to Utah. This freaked me out a bit, because we hadn't even met face to face and I wondered what if this didn't work... Looking back now, I am so glad that he moved. He made the decision, began applying for jobs on line and had a phone interview the same day. Within days of moving to Utah, Jared was employed and our friendship and relationship was blooming. Our first date was amazing. Our first kiss was shocking... mainly because Jared leans in for this amazingly romantic kiss, and it all begins... then I stop after noticing a light bulb is out and simply state, I need to change out that lightbulb. That is me, always multi-tasking.

Life has been 100% amazing since I met Jared. He is my dream come true for my eternal companion. Jared is beyond supportive of me, my crazy ideas and desires and he allows me to do the same.

Jared and I have been dating every since and have enjoyed getting to know each other, our stregnths, our weaknesses, our quirkes... what a joy it has been getting to know Jared and having him there and sharing my life with him.

Saturday, May 14th was an amazing day and boy did Jared get me good. A few weeks prior we had gone ring shopping, we had designed my ring and ordered it, or had it custom designed/made. So on the morning of the 14th we were off to Sierra West to pick up the ring. As we walk in, I am told that the ring isn't done. I was disappointed, but the final payment was made on the ring. Jared and I were then off to Bridal Veil Falls for a bit of hiking. Before we left, Jared leaves me in the car and runs back into Sierra West to see when the ring will be done, or so he says. The skies are darkening as we reach Provo Canyon, but a little rain never hurt anyone. On the drive down, I am giving Jared ideas of how to propose and how not to propose. I am sure his is just laughing during my suggestions and stories. Well we begin the hike and sure enough the skies open up and down comes the rain. As we head down the mountain, Jared stops, puts his arms around me and says, "will you do me a favor?" I answer yes, he then says will you marry me? I of course answer yes, he then brings his hand around in front of my face with my gorgeous ring on it... yes he got me good and I love it!

February thru May of 2011