Thursday, July 8, 2010

Strange Day

What a day, what a day! The morning started off great! Talked to my boss at the dance studio about teaching some modern this summer, excited for that! I then called and left my ex a VM about a game I had left at his house... I had been trying to communicate with him via text about it for two weeks...granted I only sent him one text a week, as I didn't want to irritate him. So this morning I left a VM about it and offered to pick it up from his house and suggested that he could just leave it out by the garbage can and I could just grab it... It is the Atari Frogger game, my favorite. It brings back such fun memories of my childhood and college days.

So, then I get to work, and talk about the day from HELL. I don't get why people don't feel they need to pay their bills, pay for the services rendered, and pay late fees on past due balances. I am amazed. I have even explained it like a credit card bill, that has a due date and finance charges. It is not that difficult. So then I come home and am outside talking to a friend that has stopped by and up pulls my ex with the game. It felt really awkward. That is strange to me, as I am still friends with the majority of my ex-boyfriends. He didn't even say two words to me, just handed me a sack. Strange, but then verbal communication was not one of the strong points between us. I am very glad he had my game still. I will admit I plugged Frogger in and relaxed a bit this evening while playing! After unwinding, it was time to study a bit before I went on a date for dinner.

In the meant time, I get a text from a guy I have been out with many times, we have been spending time together since early May, asking me if he gets to see me. I informed him that tonight wasn't good as I had plans... his response, do you have a hot date. I inform him that yes, I do have a date and proceed to tell him I will talk with him later and to have a good evening... His response "Now I won't, thanks
REALLY, YOU ARE GOING TO PULL THAT CRAP WITH ME! I personally believe that you as an individual are responsible for finding happiness and such in life. There are people and situations that add to or detract from it, but the ulitmate decision is yours and you have no one else to blame. This line took me back to my marriage. It was always my fault when anything went wrong of we weren't happy as a couple. I am amazed at how a little phrase can bring back the hurt and pain that was felt. It took me months in counseling to work thru it. Crazy!

I am grateful I recognize it and am able to move past it. I am beyond excited for the weekend and had an absolutely amazing 4th of July weekend with friends and kids! Really I couldn't ask for a better life. I am so grateful for where I am, for being able to keep a roof over my head, having a job, being able to teach, having amazing friends and family... I could go on and on! Life is FANTASTIC!