Sunday, May 23, 2010

Too Cute

What a fun weekend! I had my babies from another mother this weekend and we had a blast! Friday night we ran tothe store to pick up bedding for their 'new' beds. As we were finishing up dinner I was taking my birth control and my sweet kids ask me what I was taking. So I carefully explain to them that they are birth control, knowing that Mike has had the changing classes at school. I explain that the medicine can prevent pregnancy, but it helps me with my cramps. Mike cringes and says I know about how girls have periods. So Sabrina pipes in and says, yeah my mom has told me about them and how girls that are really tall can even start their periods at 8. I hope I don't start because I am 8, but I am not tall. It was the cutest conversation and reassurance. So Saturday we are up running errands, doing the grocery shopping and Sabrina pipes up that her tummy is hurting, but it is not the I am hungry hurt or the I am getting sick hurt. So I ask her what kind of hurt is it? She replies, I think it is cramps like when you have your period. It was so cute and funny. It was again a reassuring moment that she is not starting her period at the age of 8, and we went and got something to eat. Problem resolved.

Ahh kids, gotta love them and their understanding of life and the experiences we have. I love their honestly, although it is really hard sometimes to not crack a smile or even giggle a bit with some of the comments. Then there are those comments that break your heart. I am grateful that most of my moments are giggling ones!

Below you can check out the kids new bedding! They were so excited to pick it out! I love seeing the excitement in their eyes with the little things in life. It is a real eye opener and helps me re-analyze my prioritites in life. Thanks Mike and Sabrina, Loves!


Tanji, Jimmy Jay and Baby Taislyn! said...

soo cute! Jimmy would be right there with Michael, cringing with him :) He calls it "The punctuation"...he can't even say the word! You'd think with 6 sisters he'd be better with it!!!