Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I love the 4th of July holiday and it was especially fantastic this year. The holiday celebration began on Friday July 2nd! I would have my babies from another mother for the majority of the weekend. I love seeing the excitement in their faces! Mike and Sabrina were dropped off abotu 4:30 by their mom and we then headed to Park City. I had to exchange a pair of pants that I had picked up the week before. It was 90 degrees in Park City. I was amazed when we arrived at the outletss that a mother had left her infant child in the car with the windows up. The fire department was there and about to shatter a window to rescue the child. It broke my heart. Upon returning from Park City, we did the Saturday errands so that we could play all day Saturday. Once the errands were done, it was off to Subway for sandwiches and then to Granite High School for the live music and fireworks. We met a group of friends there and had a blast. The fireworks were amazing. They were the best fireworks I have seen in years and the kids loved them! Mike wouldn't let me take his picture, but here is Sabrina wearing my sunglasses!

Saturday it was off to the West Jordan Carnival. My dancers performed at 1:00, then the kids rode rides, ate snow cones and have an awesome afternoon! The kids and I headed to Red Robin for burgers and fries! Yummy. Mike and Sabrina talked to Mandi, their mom at the restaurant, discussing their lack of desire to spend time on Sunday with their dad. Listening to their reasoning behind not wanting to go, I felt very bad for them. I am grateful for my relationship with my father and that he never made me feel the way they do. Once the conversation was over, we enjoyed our meal and then headed home for a bit of relaxing before more fireworks! Saturday night it was off to Pleasant Grove for more fireworks. The fireworks were very adventurous tonight as some of them shot off into the crowd. Made me very grateful for not sitting close and on the front row! I love watching the kids faces as the fireworks dance thru the sky. On the way home I dropped the kids off at Mandi's as their father was picking them up in the morning at 9:00.

Sunday was very quiet compared to the rest of the weekend. I completely over slept and missed church, OOPS. Other than that I just chilled at home and did homework until I headed to American Fork for a BBQ with Russ, who I have been seeing a bit since May. He is a very nice guy, I am just simply not ready for an exclusive relationship and neither is he. so that is perfect!