Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting Old

The dance recital is this weekend, Friday the 13th to be exact. I found that kind of funny, when it registered. So the faculty decided to do a small section of the finale, yes there are 7 of us that are dancing. After our first rehearsal on Friday the 6th, I realized that I am getting older and I am not in the shape I was in when I was in college. My whole body hurt Saturday and Sunday... We had rehearsal again tonight, so I am wondering what I will feel like tomorrow. I realized how much I missed taking class and I am very excited to be performing again. The recital is going to be great this year! I must admit that I am also excited for it to be over. I will take the month of July and most of August off from teaching. We are moving the studio during the month of July. I am excited that we are able to move into a brand new space with more square footage. It is very fun to teach and watch the students grow and develop. Some of my first year pointe students (ages 11-12), I started teaching them when they were 4-5 years old. It is like I have 250+ kids that I am watching grow up... Love that aspect of my job!


Cheri and Sterling said...

I'm so glad that you have a blog! How much fun.

Good luck with the recital!