Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crazy Week

Well the week of the recital is finally here, actually the recital is tomorrow, Friday the 13th. Kind of creepy if you ask me. This week has been packed full. Monday night, after working all day, the teachers had rehearsal for their little tid bit in the finale. Tuesday night I taught until 6:30 and then I headed over to the South Jordan City Hall to attend the planning commission meeting. C&C Ballet wants to move to a new building and so we had to apply for a Conditional Use Permit. There was a public hearing that night for it. We discussed the concerns for over an hour. The biggest concern was the traffic on Redwood Rd. After much testimony, the commission voted unanimously voted to give us the permit. This is a huge blessing. We have to be out of our current location on June 30th. Our new location will be ready the first of August. I am so excited to be moving and to have a brand new building. We will be the first tenants of the location. There is also a tumbling studio and a Karate studio going in the same strip mall. So I finally got home Tuesday night at 10:15. That is really late for me, I am usually in bed by 10:00. Wednesday night I had rehearsal again and had a ton of laundry to do. Tonight was our dress rehearsal. IT went from 5:00-9:20 at Taylorsville High School. I was amazed at how smoothly the rehearsal went. I am glad. I look forward to the recital and to having a month off of teaching.


Cheri and Sterling said...

How did the recital go? We weren't able to make it because of my cousin's wedding. Which my mom didn't tell me about until three hours before. We were sad to miss the recital though. How did the teacher dance go? I hope you recorded it and if you did you need to post it on your blog! I'd love to see it!

Have a great day-