Sunday, June 1, 2008

Childhood Memories

Aren't we cute! Eric, Chad and me riding the boats at Lagoon.
I was reading back thru my childhood journal today, and the rush of memories that returned. I had to laugh, because in elementary school I disliked science . I always called it stupid science and now, years later, I love to study science. The drama of being a child, then seemed so trivial and now looking back... I would love to have those struggles again, instead of the adult struggles. I remembered my first cat, that was Black and White. I named her Barbara after one of my best friends. Yesterday I pulled out the Texas Star Quilt that my Grandma Carroll made me in 1984, when she was 74 years old. I must admit it brought tears to my eyes. She passed away on January 6, 2003. There are days now that I wish she were here, to have her give me a hug and have her bake fresh bread and cookies. The treats always made life better. I used to get mad at my mom and run away to grandma's house. I had a little red suitcase that I would pack. Grandma lived around the corner, so mom always knew where I was going. My Grandpa Carroll used to take the family boating, water skiing and fishing. He helped me catch my first fish at Flaming Gorge. Ahhh the sweet memories of childhood.


Sally Wright said...

What a little cutie you were...are! I love the reminiscing of yesteryear. I am sooo happy that you are bloggin' now. Lovin' you background color!

Katie said...

How are ya doing Anna Banana? It's been so long since I've seen you. I'm excited so are a blogger now!