Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Week

Here is it, the ending of a week and the beginning of a new week! I survived another 70+ hour week, the 3rd in a row! I calculate the 70+ hours between the day job, teaching, school, rehearsing and doing homework. The rehearsing will end in two weeks when Southpointe Ballet performs Copellia. The performances are Friday and Saturday, February 19th and 20th at the Summit Academy in Draper (1225 East 13200 South). The performances are at 7:00 PM both nights with a 2:00 Matinee on Saturday. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children. Everyone should come and see what my dancers have been up to. I was worried about the show until our first full run though yesterday! It is coming together and will be a great show! I am very proud of the girls and guys!

This last week was rough, my emotions were still a bit out of wack and I was in a why me mode... so I decided this weekend it was time to wake up and get out of it. I think that we all need those 'attitude' adjustments in life. I remembered a friends advice and a story once told. He was struggling in life and decided to think about everything he had to be grateful for and ended up writing a song about it. I decided to do this and to start thinking of every thing I have to be grateful for. I realized today that 5 days a week I have the opportunity to see the sun rise and sunset at least 5 days a week. What a beautiful site. I get to teach an amazing group of children and see them grow, learn and become amazing people who bless my life. Think of the moisture we receive, the flowers, trees grass, modern technologies that allow me to communicate with my brothers who are far away, my amazing friends who have helped me get thru some very tough times. I have amazing guy friends as well who have taught me some amazing lessons and who treat me with the utmost respect and love. I have several great jobs who help me in being self sufficent, I get to attend school to further my career of choice. I have the peace and assurance that one day I will be a wife and mother and fullfill that portion of dreams. I am looking forward to continuing on this journey called life and the adventures it will allow me to have!


Stacey said...

70 hours... oh I am sorry. I am excited to see Copellia. I am sure it will be great!