Sunday, January 3, 2010


I can not believe that it is now 2010. The last decade passed so quickly. Christmas this year was great! I actually put a tree for the first time in a couple years and reall felt the Christmas Spirit. I started the Christmas season off by going with my mom to see The Forgotten Carols. I love starting the Christmas Season off by seeing that show and have done so for the last several years. I am grateful that my mom went with me. It is something we used to do as a family every year... then when my dad left it, that ended. I continued to go each year with different friends or the man I was dating, but it was wonderful to see it with my mom. The Christmas Recital was on the 12th, a bit earlier this year than normal, but honestly that was nice. I enjoyed the time off and being able to assist with the Coppeila rehearsals for the week after the recital. We almost completed the first act of Copelia in that week, amazing! I am excited that we are doing a new ballet this year. My sweet Michael and Sabrina had the opportunity to go and enjoy the lights and the feeling at Temple Square as well. What a gorgeous sight and an amazing time with my sweet kids. They are so much more in tune and smarter than I was at that age. They truly understand the meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. Later in the month the kids nd I got together to celebrate our Christmas and exchange our presents. I picked the kids up on the 29th of December and we first met up withsome of my very dear friends for dinner. We headed up to Red Robin in blizzard like conditions and met my old college roomie, Laura, who we called and still call Larda, her hubby and her in-laws, Corey and Shannon, as well as their kids. It is such a small world. Larda and I were roomies in college at SUU, and her brother in law, Corey and I used to work together at Working RX. It was so fun to see them all and Mike and Sabrina got to see Tia and Katlyn (Shannon and Corey's) again. What a terrific evening. After dinner we came home and opened our presents. Then curled up and watched Secondhand Lions. Michael and Sabrina love to swim, so after breakfast we headed over to the swimming pool for a bit of fun! It was sad to take them back to their Mom #1's house, but they are just the best and most kind hearted children. They wanted to spein time with their mom before she went to work.

What a fantastic Christmas Season!