Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mannheim Germany September 11-12, 2009

So my last two days in Germany, we decided to stay close to home, just walking and shopping around Mannheim. I bought a lovely purple sweater,as we are going into winter. Purple is a very popular color in Europe. I would say probably the most popular color all of the stores have loads of it. I ate Gelato these last two days. It is so delicious. On Saturday we also headed to a Wurstmarkt or wine fest. This is where there are loads of booths with the new wines for the year. Chad and I headed over there and met his roommate, Chris and some fellow Servicemen that are stationed in Germany. What a crazy place to be. There were all sorts of games and rides and I had the best grape juice, fresh, I have ever had and the bratwursts... Yummy! It was packed, reminded me a bit of the Twin Falls County Fair when I was younger. We also visited the Jeusowitz church, which is gorgeous, almost to the extent of the Cathedrals.

I was sad to realize that I was almost on my way home. I could live and work in Germany. If I had to choose one of the cities to live in that I visited, I would say Mannheim. It felt like home, I loved walking everywhere and the views and the 5 H&M stores in the city. I can't wait to head back over the Europe and see even more!