Sunday, October 4, 2009

Frankfurt Shopping! 9-10-2009

So more adventures in Germany! Thursday, September 10, 2009 Chad and I headed to the train station to head over to Frankfurt. It was fun to be ableto ride on one of the fast trains. I must admit, Europe has the mass transit figured out and the freeway system. It is often heard that there is no speed limit on the autoban, but that is false. There are portions of the autoban that do have speed limits, very similar to ours here in the US, however there are sections that are speed free, we went around 130 MPH at those points. The autoban is 2 lanes in each direction and you stay to the right, unless you are passing. The Europeans follow that and are very polite drivers. The use their signals, they let you merge... I did not see one accident on the autoban in the 12 days I was there, much different to the daily accidents I see here.

Anyway, Frankfurt to me looked and seemed like the typical larger city. I must admit that the cathedrals and the history is very impressive. My goal in Frankfurt was to locate a Birkenstock store! That mission was sucessful. I bought 2 pair of birkenstocks for a little more than I would have spent on one pair here. One of the pairs I bought were 30 Euros, which is about $42, that pair here in the US would have run me $100, talk about deal! I finally disgarded my pair of birkenstocks that I bought in when I was 12, 21 years ago. What a deal! Wahoo. Yes I will admit I love shoes and expecially Birkenstocks. They are so comfortable. After walking around Frankfurt, seeing the cathedrals and the opera house, it was back to Mannheim for Dinner at Vapianos... I was craving a salad, needing vegetables, so I ordered what I thought was a salad with Mozzerella and Tomatoes... come to find out, that is all it was... no lettuce or anything... I ended up munching on it and then eating a slice of my brothers pizza...which I must add was amazing and not full of oil and such. What a fun day, I am glad that I was able to visit Frankfurt, but it is definitely not the city I would choose to live in if I lived in Europe.