Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a weekend, Friday First...

So this is going to be a multiple post, the weekend was jammed pack with fun that must be shared!

I had to opportunity to spend some time with my dear friend Katie Cooper Christensen this weekend. Katie and I have known each other for 13 years now. Her sister and I were college roomies and she would come and hang with us on the weekends! Ahh the memeories of the 90's... :)

So Katie came up this weekend and I had the opportunity to meet her little one, Cooper, who will be 3 in a few months. What an absolute doll. Katie, Cooper and I met up with Jill and Lucy at the Aquarium in Sandy. It was great, none of us had ever been there. So Cooper was a bit shy at first, he didn't understand that the fish were behind glass and not able to 'get' him. Finally he starts to feel safe and he gets down by the Sting Ray's, where you can pet them. He is doing great, until the shark tank... dun dun dun... I am holding him and a shark swims past the glass and he is fine, all of a sudden a shark swims right up against the glass with it's mouth right there by Cooper's sweet little face. That starts it all, the scream and the tears.. The 3 adults think it is so cute and funny, so Katie pulls out the camera and starts taking pictures... He eventually calms down, but will no longer walk nor let go of Katie... Too cute.

After we dropped Cooper off with his dad, Katie and I headed to the apartment, then off to dinner at TGI Friday's, the steak was fantastic!!! Then home to watch a movie, you know it was a musical! Mamma Mia! I must admit it was nice to not watch the musical by myself! Someone else was there to sing with me! Wahoo, Thanks Katie!

While deciding where to eat, I sent a text to my dear friend Kevin, who works at a restaurant, to see if he was working... He wasn't :(, but in the conversation he asked if I would be interested in taking a ballroom class with him... Hello, of course I would, I have been trying to take a ballroom class for several years, but couldn't ever comvince anyone to be my partner to take it with me... problem solved, Kevie and I are going to take a class! Wahoo. I haven't taken a ballroom class since my sophomore year of college. Can't wait to work and improve the skills!


Sally said...

How sad i am that I missed all of that fun. I love you! Thanks for being there for my lil' sis. I know she is loving you to pieces...I mean who wouldn't!

Cheri said...

Sounds like fun! And enjoy your ballroom class! Too much fun!