Friday, August 7, 2009

Been awhile

The count down has started. I am just about to head to Europe in 3 and a half weeks! I am beyond excited to see a continent I have never been to and to spend time with my brother. So I will post after the trip with los of pictures.

On top of going to Europe, I recently received great news from my dear friend Katie Cooper Christensen! Katie is coming to visit me next weekend. I am so excited to have company.

I also had the opportunity to be reminded how amazing my friends are. So to my dear Friends, Thank you so much for your love and support over this last week and especically these last 2 days! I truly appreciate you and all you do for me.

I also had a nice experience last Sunday Morning... I woke up, headed out to my kitchen, only to step into a puddle of water. I first thought is was my dishwasher leaking, until I opened the door to my laundry room, which also had a bit of water on the floor. So I found the leak, got the hot water shut off, as that is where the leak was, dried off the floor, pulled the washer out and there it was... Mold growing on my wall. Apparently the leak had been leaking for quite some time. I assume for about 3 months as that is when I got my washer and dryer. However Saturday evening was the first time I had ever washed anything in HOT, hence the larger leak. I placed a call to my apartment office to cleam up the mold. After all, before we can use our washer the maintenence staff must check all connections.. Apparently they didn't check them well enough. At least they have now taken care of it. Ironically over the last little while I had noticed a smell in my apartment, so I would take out the garbage, put orange peels down my garbage disposal, trying to decide what the smell was. Well now I was mold. I am glad that I knew how to shut off the water and glad I have tools to do so...

So that is the adventure of the week. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend.


Katie C said...

I am SO SO SO excited to come stay with you next week. we are going to have a blast!!! I usually DREAD when I have to be away from Coop. I am going to miss the kid but I am excited to have a fun weekend!!!!