Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Snowfall of 2008

I am amazed that it is now October 12, 2008 and we had our first snowfall; a month earlier than normal. It was very pretty, but I have decided that I am not ready for it. We went from 80 degrees to the mid thirties, all in one week. To me that is absolutely crazy and it makes it really hard for the body to adjust. It is also supposed to be back up to the 70's by the end of the week. Fall here is crazy, but beautiful.

I am very grateful for my heater. I woke up Friday morning, and the apartment was freezing, but the heat had run all night. Once at work I began to think about that fact and realized that perhaps my pilot light was out. Jerel was coming over after work on Friday, so he was my life saver as he re-lite the pilot light. Thanks Jerel, I really appreciate that and you!


Jessie and kids said...

brrr, maybe TN isn't so bad. That sounds way to cold. Thank goodness for good friends who can relight pilot lights.