Sunday, July 20, 2008


Today was a bit of a rough day, my emotions were very high and close to the surface. When I am feeling this way I like to go to the cemetary where my Grandma and Grandpa Carroll are buried. I find peace and comfort there. My grandpa was always one to say, "Everything is OK." When it said that to me, I could feel that everything would be OK. Until I was 10, we lived around the corner from Grandma and Grandpa. I remember being mad at my mom and dad, so I would pack my little red suitcase and run away to Grandma's house. I always knew that Grandma would have fresh baked bread and cookies and Grandpa would let me help him pick the vegetables in the garden or play in the irrgation water if it was watering day. My grandpa taught me how to fish. I remember the camping and boating trips to Flaming Gorge and Bear Lake. My Grandma bought us our sweet puppy, Sadie. There was this little pet shop down the street from my grandparents house. Chad, my younger brother, had gone down and found the sweetest little baby girl. The kids all fell in love with her, even my mom fell in love with her little waddle. My mom had never wanted an indoor dog, but the kids headed back to grandma's and what grandma says no to her grandchildren. So we took Sadie back to Twin Falls with us as the newest member of our family. We were blessed to have Sadie for 17 years.

When my Grandma passed away on January 6, 2003 I remember the family getting together to plan the funeral. After the funeral we all got together and watched the home movies on the reel to reel projector that they had. Afterwards my cousin had those (silent) movies put on DVD with music. I love to sit down and watch it. I remember watching my grandpa help the mortuary staff place grandma on the gurney and take her out. He was always so kind, gentle and loving towards her. My Grandpa passed away December 23, 2004. It didn't really feel like Christmas that year. My grandpa had been sick for quite sometime. He was so worried that his posterity wouldn't get there Christmas money from him and grandma that year. Ironically he passed away the morning after we told him that the money was in the envelopes and ready for everyone. They got to spend Christmas together that year. Ah the fond memories of my sweet Grandma and Grandpa Carroll.


Cheri and Sterling said...

You have some really special memories of your Grandparents. It reminds me of memories of my Grandma and Grandpa Moon. They lived really close to us and I'd wake up before my parents and run over to my Grandparents house. I spent so much time over there as a child. They didn't spoil us with material things but they sure spoiled us with their time.