Sunday, July 13, 2008


I must admit that I have the best group of friends. I am so thankful for each and every one of them. I am grateful for the support that each gives me on a daily basis. I was reading thru my journal from college, and oh the memories that came flowing back, from the waterfight with the neighbors in the middle of the night in January. The end result of that was a soaked kitchen floor in the good ol' college ave apartments. Granted we girls did start it and the guys finished it. We started it by finding the fuse box for the complex and discovering which switch belonged to the neighbors and of course mysteriously ending up with a copy of their key. So we flipped the switch, let ourselves into their apartment and turned everything on... then flipped the switch to turn everything on. Well there wasn't a good enough reaction, so we did it again, which started a gigantic water fight. We were all soaked, and it was so much fun. Oh the memories. College was crazy, but I wouldn't change any of those days.


Sally Wright said...

Oh how I love that memory! My favorite part...Holly was trying to escape from their apartment the 2nd time through the small bottom window in the kitchen when she started screaming and disappeared from view...BUSTED! Hmmm...or maybe the surprise we all got when a garden hose suddenly doused us in our kitchen one we had gotten all dried off. I just saw Brandon Norris in May at State Track. What a blast! Hey can you email that pic to me?

Anonymous said...

Is that Sally in that picture? I thought of you when we passed thoses apts when we were in Cedar this past weekend. How funny!

I love the new background. Very fancy.

Cheri and Sterling said...

Very funny memories! Sounds like you had a blast in college!