Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today I was reading a friends blog and she talked about the song "Consider the Lilies." In reading her blog and then listening to the song, I realized that I had also built a wall. The song goes, "And He will heal those who trust him. And make their hearts as gold." The beginning of the song says, "Consider the lilies of the field, How they grow, How they grow... Consider the birds in the sky, How they fly, How they fly."

Thanks to my dear friend, I too realized that I have built a wall to keep the hurt out and in turn to prevent the happiness and joy I deserve out. It is time for the wall to come down and for me to begin trusting again, trusting those in my life now, trusting new friends I meet and trusting GOD.

I had a great conversation with my mom today about my life and stresses that are happening, situations and feelings that have arisen. I am so grateful for her and the love and support she gives. Her advice is very welcome and really helped me make some decisions today. Thanks Mom, I love you.

Yesterday was a great day as well. It started off with a long over due massage. She knew exactly where I hold my stress and pointed out that is why I have been having headaches. During the massage I realized that some of the stress in my life is self inflicted and I am the one to resolve and remove it. Saturday night was priesthood session of conference, which means the girls get to play while the men are being counseled! I headed out to my friend Tanji's house where we ate TGI Friday's and just talked and got caught up. What a perfect night and way to end Saturday!

Life is good and is going to get better. Thank you to allb of my friends and family! You are all amazing.


Sally said...

I love you Anna Banana!